Polyester or Nylon; Commonly used to make clothes like basketball uniforms, football uniforms, rugby ball uniforms and casual clothing due to its quality of absorbing moisture quickly.

A convenient lightweight fabric that allows air to circulate easily around the body.



A type of knitted fabric with a lot of closely spaced holes, polyester, Nylon and spandex blends.
Frequently used for modern casual jerseys and pants, Sports Uniforms, garment inserts , decoration , and others….



Fabric with high tenacity stretch;
In a close fitting garment provides muscles with a firm compression fit, reduces fatigue, and keeps muscles energized
By using a series of gradient fibers with an open knit inner surface it creates moisture transfer environment



An inner layer of very light fabric inserted into clothing, hats, luggage, curtains, handbags and similar items.



A two-way stretch Raschel syntethic fabric that provides excellent support
Also used in high-end compression garments, powernet has high compression with low stretch qualities to give you outstanding support without stretching out and losing its strength. Bras with powernet will last longer and stretch out less than bras using other stretch fabrics.


Warp Pique

A warp-knitted fabric that shows pronounced cord effects in the warp direction
Commonly used for polo shirts, shorts, tops and others.


Stretch Rib

A fabric with vertical stripes Nylon and Poly Spandex blends.
Used for Cuffs, Collars, tops and others.
Warp rib fabrics, will resist the tearing force together in a pair resulting in higher tearing strength.


Lingerie Fabrics

Warp knit fabric is the material used in lingerie. … Resistant, and tend not to ravel. Lingerie is the major end use.
Nylon, Polyester and spandex blends. One or two way stretch, will give your intimate garments the support, the appearance and hand feel you need
Ttricot-stabilizers are mostly used for brazier cups as they give them more rigidity and support with the look of the fabric you love.


Swimwear Fabrics

Warp knit fabrics for swimwear polyester / Nylon and spandex blends
Wil provide Soft and Comfortable fit , durable, resistant to shrinkage, abrasion /pillilng resistant, Chlorine Resistant, UV protection and high compression with 2 way stretch.


Shaper Fabrics

Great for shaping undergarments
Fabric with high elasticity and recovery; It can stretch to a considerable length and yet it will gradually return to its original shape offering both shaping performance and comfort.


Baseball Fabrics

Polyester Warp Knit Baseball fabrics are best-selling material for manufacturing baseball pants and Jersey.
This high-quality fabric is better than what is often used for school and baseball league programs.
It is also ideal for dye sublimation, and is often selected for dye sub printing baseball uniforms.

Pin dot Mesh
Pocketing mesh


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