About us

Nemtex, S.A. de C.V. was founded as a textile company in 1968 in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America by Nicolás Elías Miguel, a visionary and very enterprising person.

From the time our founder started operations, we have created a company that through the years has become a great fabric partner for several apparel brands providing the best service, excellent quality, fast deliveries and prompt solutions.

We are a company 100% customer oriented, this has allowed us to face the constantly market challenges and act fast with innovation and transformation at all times needed.

Now, after almost two generations, the company is guided by our founder’s descendants, who have converted Nemtex in a company prepared to face  todays textile business .

Constantly renovating our machinery with computerized technology of the latest generation, expanding our installations .

With highly specialized personnel in the textile area, Nemtex has now a level of production capacity that can meet the needs of the international market.


  • Good Quality yarn, will give the fabric excellent   physical performance.
  • Karl Mayer machine with infrared detector makes fewer defects in fabrics.
  • Strong development skill : research and develop new products and constantly improving the process to ensure quality.
  • Variety of  fabrics: We offer our customers a  diverse range of  options.
  • Quick response, fast delivery